We translate the following:
Manuals - technical, user, operator's
Healthcare and clinical research
Legal - contracts, TOS
Marketing and advertising
Magazine & newspaper articles
Scientific & technical documents
Financial statements
Corporate circulars, brochures
Research documents
Education - courseware, books
Websites, Mobile apps
Our transcription services include
the medical, legal and corporate
domains. All our transcribers are
native-speakers and capable of
converting source while maintaining
the cultural nuances of the target
language. Familiarity with the subject
and an understanding of the major
accents and regional variations
of the source language ensure that
nothing is lost in translation.
Desktop PublishingSubtitling
Our DTP professionals are experts in
InDesign, Framemaker, QuarkXPress,
PageMaker CorelDraw, Illustrator,
PagePlus. They work hand in hand with
our linguists to recreate your brochures,
pamphlets and manuals in the target
language while maintaining your distinct
brand identity.
We subtitle DVDs, corporate videos,
advertisements, games. Our subtitle
creators are experts in their domain
of work and are native-speakers of
the target language. They take into
account all cultural nuances while
subtitling so as to provide a seamless
transition between cultures while
maintaining the essence of the source.

Why us?

Specialization: We are fully aware of the terminology and the different writing styles used, be it for Android apps, user interface, user manuals, marketing or academics. Our native translators would convey the exact meaning of the source while accommodating for differences in culture. We keep our translations as short and simple as possible. Therefore, when you use our translation services, there is no confusion which eradicates the need for extensive support and saves time and money.

Quality: Our work is always checked for errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure and inconsistencies in terminology before delivery. The best professional tools and native-speakers in the business are used for this purpose. Thus, your work will always be of the best quality and give you and your clients an impression of professionalism when you use our translation services.

Punctuality: Meeting deadlines are crucial to our work. You will always find us on time with our work and prompt to answer all queries. In the fast-moving world of apps and software updates quality and punctuality in delivering work is of the essence to stay on top of the competition.